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Date and Time Formats

Date and time formats are vital in computer systems, but it is an area of remarkable shortsightedness. Y2K caused little disruption, but only because of a huge investment in reprogramming (estimates vary but on the order of $20B). The POSIX time system, used in Unix systems and embedded in countless applications will overflow in 2038.Embedded systems often require accurate, high-resolution time-keeping and are difficult or impossible to revise after deployment.Date/time formats are a tradeoff between three specifications: The required range of the time (underestimated in the examples above), the required resolution of the time and the resulting number of bits.Below you will find a number of standard date/time formats for comparison. Edit one of the fields below and click "Calculate" to change all of the fields.

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  • Current Time
  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
  • Arbitrary time zone
  • ISO8601
  • POSIX or "Unix time"
  • Javascript format
  • MS Windows'
  • Julian Date
  • Analog Clock