We Are Experts In

Certification Testing

We'll ensure that your electronics meet compliance requirements for certifications.

Certification Testing
  • Regulatory Approvals: UL, CE, FDA, FCC, IEC 60601-1
  • EMI and EMC Design and Support
  • Design Verification Testing (DVT)
  • Temperature Testing: Chamber rated -87C to +190.6C
  • Analysis: Reliability, FMEA, Hazards, Tolerance, Stability, Timing
PCB Layouts

Our printed circuit board layouts include Mentor graphics, Altium layouts, and more.

PCB Layouts
  • Altium Layouts
  • Manual & Auto routing
  • Controlled Impedance, RF, Microstrip
  • Prototype Board Fabrication
  • Flex & Rigid-flex

We generate ideas to create the optimum solution for your design problem.

  • Patent Documentation
  • Product Feasibility Study
Design Review & Rework

Our engineers can rework existing designs to ensure you get the desired results.

Design Review & Rework
  • Product Cost Reduction
Product Design

Our team builds computer equipment and systems as well as operating systems.

Product Design
Fabrication & Assembly

We help you turn your design ideas into working products with the exact features you require.

Fabrication and Assembly
  • Prototype Fabrication
  • Transfer to Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Support: Solder Quality, Test Fixtures, Inspection
  • Thru-hole, SMT (including BGA and LGA)
  • First article testing
partner design services

Altium Design Services

We are a member of the Altium Service Bureau and we are qualified consultants. Because we have this partnership and certification, we can offer our clients Altium® Schematic Capture and Altium® Printed Circuit Board Layouts.

partner design services

Lattice Design Services

We are a Lattice Semiconductor Design Partner. Because we have this partnership and certification, we can offer our clients Lattice FPGAs/CPLDs, Embedded Security, FPGA/EPLD/CPLD Design, and Digital Signal Processing.