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A selection of useful calculators for engineering applications. More will be added in the future so stop back and see!

If you have any suggestions for engineering related calculators, send an email to CEPD

Resistor Calculators

There is a 1% resistor finder, resistor divider, resistors in parallel and RC time constant calculator found in the Resistor Calculators.

Microstrip Calculators

There are microstrip impedance and differential impedance used for USB traces found in the microstrip calculators.

Transmission Calculators

There are line of sight VHF, power conversion and VHF signal loss found in the transmission calculators.

Time Conversion Calculators

There are POSIX, ISO8601, Windows Time, Julian Date, GMT, JavaScript time formats that can be found in the time conversion calculators.

Splitter and Attenuator Calculators

Find resistor values for Y splitter, T attenuator or Pi attenuator that can be found in the splitter and attenuator calculators.

Power Conversion Calculator

Convert voltage, dBm, dBu, dBV, or power to another form for a given impedance and waveform type in the power conversion calculator.

ASCII Character Chart

ASCII Character Chart that shows the symbols, hex values, octal values, decimal values, binary value and description of the character.

EIA232 Reference Chart

EIA232 Reference Chart that shows the pinout and signal names for DB25, DE9, and RJ45 connectors.

1st Order Filter Calculators

1st Order Filter Design for low-pass and high-pass filters. The calculators create analog component values, analog and digital filter coefficients.

2nd Order Filter Calculators

2nd Order Filter Design for low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-stop filters. The analog and digital filters are biquad filters. The calculators create analog component values, analog and digital filter coefficients.

Analog Circuit Analysis with Excel

Microsoft Excel has features that make it handy for analog circuit analysis. These include complex mathematics, cell labeling and the ability to overlay plots. An example of analysis of a 6th order LC bandpass filter using Excel is available here.


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